Treatment of diarrhoea
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Treatment of diarrhoea

Why treat diarrhoea ?

Mediactions for diarrhoea

In the majority of cases, acute diarrhoea is mild to severe, but it can carry a significant risk of loss of water (dehydration) and loss of mineral salts.1 In certain cases the diarrhoea may be more serious and require a medical consultation.1,2

Why rehydrate in the event of diarrhoea ?

Why should you rehydrate if you have diarrhoea ?

During the course of the diarrhoea, your body loses water and mineral salts.1 You need to compensate for this loss by drinking liquids high in sugar.3 Or have an electrolyte-rich soup …3
Note: if you have an intense thirst, or your tongue is dry, it is important to consult your doctor immediately.2

What should you eat if you have diarrhoea ?

 Adjust your diet for diarrhea

In the case of acute diarrhoea, it is advised that you modify your eating habits… Eat smaller meals, containing food which has a high content of salt and sugar.2,3
Choose rice, cooked carrots, bananas.1
Avoid milk, fruit and raw vegetables, iced food and drinks.2

Anti-diarrhoeal medication

In order to be more comfortable, you can take anti-diarrhoeal medicines that are available without prescription at your nearest pharmacy.2 Although these medications may reduce the symptoms, it is still important to keep hydrated.2

If you have diarrhoea and a fever, please see a doctor as it could be due to an infection. Antibiotics are only used when necessary and will not be of any use in a viral infection.1,2

There are several types of medicines for acute diarrhoea:

  • Intestinal anti-infectives1: to be reserved for cases assumed to be bacterial in origin.
  • Medicines that slow down transit1,2: they reduce the contractions in the intestines and reduce the frequency of stools output.
  • Micro-organism- based Anti-diarrhoeal : aimed at acting on the intestinal flora1.
  • Anti-secretory agents,4 which reduce the hyper-secretion of water and electrolytes in the intestine.

Diarrhoea : which medication should you choose ?

It depends on your state of health and the precautions for the correct use of each medicine. In general, choose medicines that have only one active ingredient and ask your pharmacist for advice. Never take treatment for longer than recommended without medical advice.1

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