Complementary Medicine


  • Simple dosage and administration
  • To assist in the management of acute and chronic diarrhoea in adults and children
  • Respects natural intestinal transit
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Smecta® is a complementary medicine to assist in the management of acute diarrhoea.

How does Smecta® work?

Smecta® mode of action

The active ingredient in Smecta® is Diosmectite, a natural clay that covers the intestinal mucosa. It binds to viruses and bacteria, eliminates the pathogens through the stools, then protects the mucosa and allows it to recover. Smecta® reduces the symptoms of acute diarrhoea and provides gentle relief.

Smecta® : Available in two flavours

Smecta® Orange

Smecta orange

10 sachets – Powder for oral administration Orange flavour

The contents of the sachet must be mixed in half a glass of water before its administration.

Smecta® Strawberry

Smecta strawberry

10 sachets – Powder for oral administration Strawberry flavour

The contents of the sachet must be mixed in half a glass of water before administration.

How to use Smecta® ?

Smecta’s dosage is simple and adapted to each age in cases of acute diarrhoea:

  • Children (>2 years): 4 sachets per day for the first 3 days / 2 sachets per day thereafter
  • Adults: 3 sachets per day for 7 days

For babies and children, Smecta® should be taken in addition to an oral rehydration solution. For chronic diarrhoea in adults, the dosage is of an average of 3 sachets per day.

Precautionary measures

Smecta® is supplementary to dietary rules:

  • Rehydrate with plenty of salty or sweet fluids, to make up for the loss of fluid, due to diarrhoea (the daily mean intake of water for an adult is 2 litres)
  • Maintain food intake (preferably grilled meat and rice) during the bout of diarrhoea, excluding certain supplements and in particular, raw vegetables, fruit, green vegetables, spicy food and frozen foods and drinks.

In infants and children, oral rehydration solution (ORS) must be administered at the earliest in addition to Smecta® to avoid dehydration.

Take special care with Smecta® and seek medical advice if:

  • You have acute or chronic diarrhoea and the problem does not disappear within 7 days
  • Diarrhoea is associated with a high temperature, sudden weight loss or vomiting
  • You have a history of severe constipation.

Smecta® powder for oral administration – Orange or Strawberry flavor: what you should know

  • Always take Smecta® exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure. Do not share medicines prescribed for you with any other person.
  • Do not take Smecta® if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to diosmectite or any of the other ingredients of Smecta®.
  • Smecta® contains two sugars (glucose and sucrose). Its use is not recommended in patients with fructose intolerance, glucose or galactose malabsorption syndrome or sucrase – isomaltase deficiency (rare hereditary diseases).
  • To avoid reducing the efficacy of the other treatments, you should take Smecta® separately (at least 2 hours of distance).
  • Smecta® can have side effects, please read the leaflet for more information.

Read Smecta® strawberry leaflet (244 ko)

Read Smecta® orange leaflet (247 ko)